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  • Min Park

Dinner & Movie with Alice Waters & Peter Sellars

On December 9, 2023, LULU hosted an intimate gathering and meal in celebration of dear friend, Peter Sellars, and in collaboration with The Hammer Museum and UCLA Film & Television Archive.

The evening began at the Billy Wilder Theater for the screening of "this body is so impermanent…" directed by Peter Sellars. The film was part of ‘Reimagining the Olympiad: Body and Mind,’ co-presented by the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

Guests were then welcomed into LULU's dining room for a specially prepared supper:

  • First course: shaved radish and vegetable salad

  • Second course: savory miso broth with celery root

  • Main course :chanterelle mushrooms with Burgundy black truffles and roasted kobocha, delicata and butternut squash

  • Dessert: Stir fried, healthy greens -coconut ice cream with persimmon and pomegranate

It was a special day. Alice Waters flew in to Los Angeles, straight from the kitchen of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, excited to see her dear friend and celebrate his film. The cooks headed off early to the Westwood Village farmers market shopping for local fresh herbs, greens and vegetables in preparation for the vegetarian prix fixe dinner that evening. And upon their return, the kitchen at LULU began to sing: fresh radishes plunged into ice baths, winter squash carved and sliced prepared for roasting, and aromas of dates, almonds, and parmesan filled the restaurant. Before guests arrived, Alice decorated the large wooden table at the entrance of Lulu with an array of fresh ingredients, while also checking in on the kitchen as Chef David Tanis and Chef Luis were tasting and perfecting the special three course menu. Some special guests, including Christina Kim of Dosa, made appearances. The evening was wonderful and memorable."- excerpts from Jesse Cudworth, Photographer & Marketing Team at LULU

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