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Updated: Jun 4

We love our location in the heart of Westwood Village and nestled in the courtyard of the beautiful Hammer Museum. Our special destination offers a place to nourish your mind and body. We created a list of some of our favorite programs at the museum this month, so you can spend the perfect day in Los Angeles; attend a thoughtful experience and then join us at LULU for a wholesome lunch or dinner.

Every Thursday: Mindful Awareness Meditation 

Learn more about the powerful effects of mindfulness in-person at the Hammer Museum. Every Thursday at 12:30 PM, instructors from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center will be leading mindful awareness meditation in the Billy Wilder Theater. Every session is also broadcasted live right on the Hammer's website. Whether you participate in person or online, Mindful Awareness Meditation is free and offered every Thursday at 12:30 PM.

June 15th - Highlighting: Transchool: Volume 1 

In celebration and honor of Pride Month, join the launch of Transchool: Volume 1, a new anthology by the first class of Transcshool creative writers and their mentors, featuring a range of work — poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays. At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the raw and empowering stories of budding trans writers. Co-presented by Allies in Arts and published by Co-Conspirator Press, this anthology is the result of a summer workshop that gives aspiring trans writers ages 18 to 25 from across the U.S. the opportunity to develop their voice and put their ideas to paper.

June 20th - Perfumed Nightmare 

Perfect for a summer evening and after a meal with friends at LULU, come see the screening of Perfumed Nightmare. Considered one of the first Filipino indie films from the 1970s and a pioneering piece of Third Cinema, this movie follows the adventures of a jeepney driver (Kidlat Tahimik) who dreams of emigrating to America to become an astronaut. However, his real-life experience with the West dismantles his dreams and forces him to reassess his values. Ticket admission is free and will be played In conjunction with David Medalla: In Conversation with the Cosmos. 


Take advantage of these exciting events at the Hammer Museum while enjoying a delicious meal at LULU. Whether you're seeking mindfulness, celebrating Pride Month, or indulging in unique cinematic experiences, our special location in Westwood has something for everyone this June.

For more information on the Hammer Museum programs, click here.

To make a reservation for LULU, please click here.

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